20 Timeless Cars

The best classic cars are pieces of art that pass the test of time. Many car collectors keep a watchful eye out for timeless cars hitting the market, and you can believe that they don’t remain for sale for very long. Each time period has a style of cars that it’s best known for. If you’re an old-fashioned car lover, then you’ll appreciate this list of the best 20 classic cars to ever grace our streets.

1. Aston Martin DB4


The DB4 was in production from 1958 until 1963. This classic featured the company’s iconic boldness and classy appearance. Its peak performance for a 1950’s car wasn’t too bad either, reaching up to 139 MPH.

2. Pontiac GTO

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Pontiac began production of the GTO in 1964, and the last-ever GTO to leave the factory was in 1974. It’s been more than four decades since the GTO’s production has been halted, but its design still continues to inspire modern-day car designers. The most impressive spec of this classic is its 12.8-second quarter mile time.

3. Lamborghini Gallardo

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This is the one of the most recently produced super-car on our list. The Gallardo was in production from 2003 up until 2013 and was noted for its aggressive build, superior mechanics, and super-powerful engine.

4. Maserati A6G CS Berlinetta

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This smooth-bodied beast from Maserati is one of the vehicles that helped the company reach worldwide recognition, and even until today, it remains one of Maserati’s most well-known cars. This car was in production and for sale from between 1947 and 1956. It was even used to win the Italian Grand Prix in 1953.

5. Talbot-Lago Grand Sport T26

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This French-made car is one of the rarest-ever vehicles to ever hit the market. This beauty has a look like no other vehicle. Only 51 units of the T26 were produced, making it almost impossible to see one other than in the inside of a car museum.

6. Aston Martin DB2 4MKIII

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Author Ian Flemming was a tremendous fan of the DB2 4MKIII that he added one into his classic James Bond novel, Goldfinger. In between 1957 and 1959, only 199 of this Aston Martin beauty ever left the factory. More than 60 years have past and it’s still leaving a mark in the automotive industry.

7. Maserati GranTurismo

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The classic nose and grill remind us of an updated 1950s A6. To this day, Maserati still released upgraded GranTurismo versions to the market, but they never steer too far away from the classic. They’ve maintained the original’s elegant design in their most recent models.

8. Honda S2000

Honda S2000

This Honda-made car comes with a high-performance engine and an unusual RWD configuration. It was produced for 10 years – from 1999 to 2009 – and has been a favorite of die-hard automobile lovers. This unique car continues to classic 1960’s car design that has and will always be loved by all.

9. International Scout 4X4

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The International Scout is the granddad of modern SUV models, and it was noted for being the vehicle of choice for adventure-lovers back in the 1960s up until 1980. Unlike so many other car manufacturers, this one actually produced agricultural machines. The Scout was a direct competitor to many of Jeep’s 4 x 4 leisure vehicles.

10. Acura NSX

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About 30 years ago, Acura/Honda produced a unique street-legal vehicle – the NSX. It was an extremely lovable car that was the only of its kind on the market. Production of this car stopped in 2005, but Honda resumed production of an upgraded version of this classic mid-engine sports car in 2016.

11. Chevrolet Chevelle 396 SS

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This classic is an iconic muscle car from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. This beast had both a sexy design and great performance. It was built to take over Ford and Plymouth, and it’s safe to say that Chevy designed a masterpiece that will continue to impress through the ages.

12. Chevrolet Corvette

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There’s nothing that needs to be said about the Corvette since it has been going strong for more than half a decade. There aren’t many cars that can compete with the Corvette’s popularity and performance. Even today, the Corvette remains the high-standard of American sports vehicles.

13. Ford Mustang

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Lee Iacocca really championed a piece of automobile history. The first Mustang left Ford’s factory in 1964 and continues to be produced to this very day. There are still several features found in the current models that were available in the classics. The Mustang is an integral part of American car culture.

14. Jaguar E-Type


The first-ever E-Type was manufactured from 1961 to 1975. This beast was a cross between epic performance, beautiful smooth design, both with an affordable price tag. When Jaguar first introduced the E-Type, it was dropping jaws worldwide.

15. Nissan Skyline


The 1989 Skyline from Nissan has become an iconic sports car to aficionados throughout the world. More specifically, the GT-R model was really ahead of its time in terms of design. This two-seat sports vehicle is a true feat of Japanese engineering.

16. Ferrari F40

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When it comes to Ferraris, the F40 has to be the model that pops into all car lovers’ minds. The F40 was personally approved by the founder, Mr. Enzo Ferrari, to mark the company’s 40th year in business. The car was manufactured in a five-year window between 1987 and 1992 and was the fastest of all sports vehicles at the time.

17. Audi S8

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The S8 remains a huge part of Audi’s worldwide fame. The first-ever S8 model was introduced in 1994 and since then, the company has implemented several new features in their subsequent models. It’s a car best known for its top performance and aluminum chassis. Even to this day, the original Audi S8 will never go out of style.

18. BMW M3

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The M3 is the top-performance vehicle of BMW’s 3 series. The enhanced engine and controls made it the best that the German automobile company had to offer. It remains a favorite among car lovers in every country, and it also serves as a source of inspiration to many car designers in competing companies.

19. Dodge Power Wagon

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When it comes to creating a rugged vehicle for traveling on all terrains, Dodge’s Power Wagon isn’t a joke. The first-ever Power Wagon was in production in 1945 and the final unit left the factory in 1960. This vehicle was the Humvee of its time by mimicking military-style vehicles purchasable by the consumer market.

20. Honda Civic SI

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The Civic SI was first put into production in the mid-1980s and there’s no sign of production slowing down. The Civic SI is better known for its sleek lining, dark-tinted wheels, and performance enhances such as a body kit and spoilers.